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Oct 18, 2012 4:00am PDT
introductory comments. i would be happy to defer. >> supervisor olague would you like to make introductory comments? [ inaudible ] >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much, mr. president. i voted against this item in committee and clearly at articulated what my concerns is that we have a housing affordability supply crisis in san francisco. one of those elements is investment in affordable housing to make sure that we are providing that important category of housing, but there are other aspects of well and as much it would be great that we had enough government resources to make that the sole solution. realistically we're never going to be there. there is simply not enough public money for us to be able to invest the that level. so my concern with this legislation was that as a dashboard, to show the planning commission the status of affordable housing for every single project coming before the commission was as if you had a dashboard that had the odometer on it and nothing else. if you have a dashboard it should give a complete picture of our housing situation. how many e
Oct 2, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. supervisor mar? mar present. supervisor olague? olague present. supervisor wiener? wiener present. mr. president, you have a quorum. >> thank you. colleagues, given the fact our colleague supervisor farrell and his wife just had a baby, kane farrell who clocked in at 9 pounds 8 ounces if we could have a notion to excuse supervisor farrell today. without objection, he shall be excused. ladies and gentlemen, would you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands; one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> unless a member would like to discuss an item it shall be severed and considered separately. >> colleaguesv, any items to be severed? roll call on items 1, through 3. >> supervisor olague? olague aye. wiener aye. supervisor average los? avalos? aye. campos aye. chiu aye. supervisor chu aye. supervisor kim aye. supervisor mar aye. there are 10 ayes. >> the item is passed on the first treed and the resolution is adopted. item 4. >> item 4 is 120898, success
Oct 16, 2012 3:00pm PDT
mar? >> no. >> mar no. >> supervisor olague? >> no. >> supervisor wiener? >> wiener, aye. >> supervisor avalos? >> no avalos no. >> supervisor campos? >> no. >> campos no. >> president chiu? >> aye. >> supervisor chu? >> aye. >> chu aye. >> supervisor cohen? >> [kho*-efrp/] aye. >> there are six ayes and five nos. the resolution is adopted. item 24. >> resolution authorizing the fire department to accept and expend a grant in the amount of approximately $1.50 million to upgrade and repace it's self-contained breathing apparatus inventory. >> roll call vote." on item 24 supervisor elsbernd? >> elsbernd aye. >> supervisor farrell? >> farrell aye. >> supervisor kim? >> kim aye. >> supervisor mar aye. >> supervisor olague? >> olague aye. >> supervisor wiener? wiener aye. >> supervisor avalos aye. >> supervisor campos? >> aye. >> president chiu ? >> chiu aye. >> supervisor chu? >> aye. >> supervisor cohen? >> aye. >> eleven ayes? >> the resolution is adopted. item 25. ordinance amending the administrative code. >> president chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair, years ago in 19819 pas
Oct 1, 2012 7:30pm PDT
point that i don't think that this dashboard is the panacea, but as supervisor olague says is another tool. having more information is helpful and if this were jobs and you knew that you needed to create x number of certain types of jobs, as you create each job, i think you want to keep track of how you are doing in that objective. that is what this is. simply providing that tool for us to know where we are, but in the end, the answer is not the tool itself. the tool simply helps you have the analyses to know how you are doing. >> thank you. and i did want to thank miss campbell fort great report and the data and analysis is really useful for us. so why don't we open this up for public comment? is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? please come forward. we have sue hester. >> sue hester. i would like to start with thanking supervisor olague and supervisor campos and anyone else who sponsored this legislation. i have been pushing for this at least for ten years. it's therapeutic to have right before your eyes, when you are considering a rezoning or a project,
Oct 10, 2012 3:30pm PDT
olague, shall we open this up for public comment? >> i just wanted to comment that no one says this is the end-all, be-all. we just think it's one aspect of the bigger, really issue around providing more affordability to residents of the city. and as most of us know, many of these projects are not -- as has been there kind of argument that the more we build, then the greater -- then all of a sudden it's going to create or lift the pressure from the housing market that suddenly if we build more housing, regardless of what income level, that suddenly the rents are going to go down. and the housing prices are going to go down because we're increasing the supply, which is sort of like your econ 101 that you learned in high school. but that seems to me that has notice applied here in san francisco. the more we build, it still hasn't alleviated any pressure from the renters, rental market or from the affordable housing or housing market at all. so just to have more tools to assess where to go, but i would never suggest that this is the end-all/be-all, but just another tool that we can use
Oct 1, 2012 2:30pm PDT
analysis. so i want to thank supervisor olague for putting this legislation forward. think this is something that we should have done a long time ago. and i think that the longer that we wait to do it, the more difficult it will be for us to meet our objectives. >> thank you. supervisor wiener? >> thank you very much. thank you supervisor campos for your perspective. you know, i actually think that the reason we have not met our goals is not because of the lack of information. i think there is a lot of information, but because no. 1, we don't have nearly enough money to be investing in creating affordable housing. i think that is something that we all agree on. i'm assuming. and we have a lot of zoning rules in this city that frankly discourage the creation of enough housing. it's always interesting to me where there are some people, who are proponents of affordable housing, not all, but some, who then oppose any and all creation of new housing. and any kind of density and fight the housing element. and oppose in-law units and all of the kind of things that we can be doing to have
Oct 17, 2012 2:00am PDT
. it's on page. >> many this is amendment that supervisor olague? >> yes, this is an amendment, we're changing the title of no. 2 will be "quarterly housing production reports." and we are requesting this change. and then on line no. 5, we are requesting that this reads, "the planning commission with quarterly housing production report every three months." so lines 4 and 5 we're requesting to be changed. thank you. >> thank you so much. i had a quick question to supervisor olague. i know she made a reference to the aging population. and the need for housing for people, especially 60 years old and above. and i know that supervisor olague and i fit into the baby-boomer generation that we're born between '46 and '64 and i'm wondering if our dashboard will allow us to look at is there enumclaw -- for example, 80 -120 axi, ami, which i know we're woefully short on. i'm just curious. >> again, as mr. paul mentions. we're woefully inadequate in 80-120 and are we in need of more analysis? it's something that we would obviously like to work on with you all, because you understand your c
Oct 22, 2012 12:30pm PDT
/]o from the council of community housing organizations. again, thank you supervisor olague for bringing this legislation forward and supervisor campos, mar and kim for co-sponsoring this. i just wanted to echo a couple of things that peter has said. you know, i think one of the things we have talked about and heard you talk about is the need for policymakers to understand the context in when they are approving projects. to me it's a diskent between the front line staff of the planning department, who are approving projects one by one. and who don't necessarily see right in front of them how those projects are part of the larger policy discussions that the long-range planners are having in a different part of the department. so one of the things that this will hopefully contribute to is creating a departmental culture, where your day-to-day work is seen in the context of how we are contributing to a better city? what is the purpose of develop in development in the city? it's codified through our housing element goals. these are the needs of our people? and as peter said we might
Oct 24, 2012 10:30am PDT
city's budget. we would like to hear answers from mr. johnson, miss davis and miss olague. >> i will give you two examples of where he i would start to look. one we had with regard to the mta a major problem with work orders and waste and inefficiencies and we see other agencies basically cannibalizing muni. muni buss are being fixed with plastic bags and duct-tape. that kind of waste and inefficiency should be cut out of the system immediately. we need to look at our upper management fee schedules, including the highest paid police chief and some of the highest paid top brass at the police department. so i would start to look at our master fee schedules at the upper management levels where we can save some money. >> thank you. miss johnson? >> i agree with that, the sfmta is one of the areas where we found the department whose money was going places that nobody was looking for. that is what i'm trying to talk about. and you can throw more money at it, but a lot of people who have been there have been there a long time running our state. and this is the result of where it's gone. if
Oct 12, 2012 9:00pm PDT
planning in san francisco. >> miss olague. >> christiana olague. apologies for being late. we' hearing on achievement gaps between african-american and the discussion was such that i didn't feel i should leave. that being said, the booker t. washington was definitely a very contentious project that i sat on the commission at the time. a lot of opposition may be classified as nimby opposition, but this is not the case of a discretionary review. discretionary review are usually initiated by neighbors, 311 notice. your neighbor wants to add a deck or do something to their property and anyone in the city, not just your neighbor, but if you feel like you are going to have a significant impact as a result of the changes that they are making, then you can file a dr. i think the department is attempting to make some reforms so the work at the front-end is better [thr-fpt/] are a lot of contentiousneighborhood issues that result from discretionary reviews that aren't always positive, but we need to keep that process in place and so i support the dr process. >> thank you, miss selby. >>
Oct 21, 2012 12:00pm PDT
olague and miss selby. >> currently any member of public can review a project. critics say this results in costs and limiting supply of housing. opponents say discretionary review is necessary so that everyone affected by a project can be heard. how would you if the all reform the discretionary process? mr. davis, miss olague and miss selby. >> as a board president of booker t. recently we had to seek permission from the board of supervisors for housing and community space. , as much as i would have liked that process to go quicker, as much as i would have liked to see less opposition from some of the neighbors. we had a lot of support from the neighbors as well. i think it's really important that folks have the opportunity to air their concerns at city hall to, air their concerns at planning, to air their concerns in front of the board of supervisors and ultimatelis a community, we do need to decide and balance interests and mitigate impacts and at the end of the day the booker t. project final designs are better than started because it did go through a review process. so i wou
Oct 10, 2012 4:00pm PDT
or was it olauge? >> olague. >> i'm sorry. >> i think that supply and demand do matter and i think part of the problem over the past few years is that the supply has been skewed and inordinate number -- we have suppled plenty -- at least approvals for very high-end housing at the expense of -- without any consideration given to the whole. so in many ways without more information we're kind of the shot in the dark. i know that because at planning as supervisor campos mentioned it's piecemeal. there is no comprehensive consideration given to things and we go project-by-project. that is what happened in a lot of areas like the mission, where you saw project-by-project, the dismantling of entire communities. and with no consideration ever given to the overall impact that some of these approvals have had. so i know when i was on planning, we approved thousands of units of market -rate housing. i approved and i stand guilty. i'm not saying that i just sat there and just approved housing that was below market rate or anything. but i think it would have helped to have had more of a compreh
Oct 22, 2012 12:00pm PDT
olague and co-sponsors supervisor kim, campos and myself. supervisor olague. >> this is a piece of, i guess, a policy that we have been working on or i have been working on since i was on the planning commission and working at senior action network. at that time we approached -- and sue hester has been working on and advocating for this for a long time, as has community council for housing organizations and others. and basically it's to try to set up a monitoring and reporting program within the planning department. it's an ordinance that would amend the admin code to implement a monitoring and reporting program within the planning department. again, when i was at senior action network, this is another place we approached supervisor kim's office to look into this. and this ordinance would require planning department staff to provide six-month housing production reports. i believe we're going to amend that to have quarterly reports instead. the reports would include moderate and low-income production updates. as well as data on the expected unit type and income level of any proposed
Oct 1, 2012 3:00pm PDT
does matter when it comes to housing. you know, supervisor olague referred to supply and demand before and econ 101. and supply and demand does matter with housing. and the fact that is that we haven't produced much housing in the city. we have quite a bit in the pipeline coming up, but in terms of actually producing market-rate housing, we have not produced very much. and then when we do, we sometimes do things, like create "family-sized housing." which is only affordably wealthy families. so we haven't been doing our part in terms ever actually creating all of the housing that we need. and we know there is enormous demand, because we live in the best city on earth. we also produce almost no new rental housing. it's very exciting in the upper market area now we actually do have a couple of long-term rental projects in the pipeline. but that is the exception, not the rule. so supply and demand does matter and we have not been doing what we need to do in terms of supply. size of units matters as well. in terms of determining affordability and whether somebody can actually pay a rent che
Oct 13, 2012 12:00pm PDT
you. >> supervisor olague. >> i don't see any issue in looking at 150-180. we have already asked for the amendment. i don't know how that works and i'm just a guest and i don't know who approves amendments or what. but we haven't talked about the quarterly report and if people wanted to look at 150-180, i don't have an issue with that really. >> it doesn't sound like that is an amendment on the table right now. >> it's not on the table currently. it just came up today, obviously. >> it sounds like supervisor olague is really open to that. well, mr. chair? >> supervisor cohen. >> excuse me, supervisor chaos. >> go ahead. >> i just wanted to speak to what supervisor olague was saying and maybe if we could hear from planning a little bit more. because i'm perfectly willing to make a motion to make an amendment to include ami up to 180 ami. so how would this impact the legislation? >> emily rogers from planning department staff. we might -- i see there is another housing expert or two in the audience. director olsen lee from the mayor's office is here, but my understanding is that th
Oct 16, 2012 3:30pm PDT
supervisor olague has made a notion continue this item to the 23rd of october. seconded by supervisor campos. colleagues any objection to the motion to continue? without objection this item will be continued for one week. [ gavel ] >> madame clerk, item 28. >> item 28 is abordinance amending the business and tax regulation code how members of citizens advisory committee for the central market street and tender loin area shol be appointed. >> supervisor kim. >> is a simple amendment to the legislationings that created the tax exclusion citizen advisory committee. in the original legislation, we had only established staggered terms for six of the 11 members and this legislation simply assigns all eleven members to staggered two and four-year terms. i appreciate your support. thank you. >> colleagues roll call on this item. >> supervisor elsbernd? >> elsbernd aye. >> supervisor farrell aye. >> supervisor kim? >> kim aye. >> supervisor mar, marr aye. >> supervisor olague. >> olague aye. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos? >> aye. >> supervisor campos? >> campos aye. >> pre
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 369 (some duplicates have been removed)